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Distribution Channels

Our route to market channels include the Crypto Private Suite, Crypto Wealth Transfer, the Crypto Training Lab and the Crypto Training Zone.

Crypto Wealth Transfer

Crypto Wealth Transfer is an online tool that is accessible to everyone and provides the resources to learn and understand crypto and crypto trading.  Blockchain and cryptocurrency are evolving at a rapid pace. This offers an uncommon opportunity for beginners and pros alike to partake in investing in crypto – allowing for the transfer and creation of wealth.  Crypto Wealth Transfer is committed to providing support, knowledge and guidance to anyone interested in learning about crypto, whether they are new to trading or a seasoned trader.  The website is viewable here Crypto Wealth Transfer


The Crypto Training Lab

The Crypto Training Lab website is an online learning portal that offers free crypto training videos, news, insights and frequently asked questions.  The Crypto Training Lab was established to help demystify crypto and crypto trading by proving online courses that anyone can understand. No matter how much you know about the world of crypto, our courses will help you, as you traverse the digital world.  The Crypto Training Lab content is designed to simplify everything. Short, bite-sized videos to make sure you can understand crypto better. View the Crypto Training Lab

Crypto Training Zone

The free to use Crypto Training Zone website offers training videos and insights on crypto and crypto investment opportunities.  The Crypto Training Zone was created to demystify crypto investments. Helping those who were interested in the world of crypto to upskill themselves and understand this new and wonderful world. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, our courses will help you to learn and invest in crypto.  Knowledge will help you as you explore this new world. The Crypto Training Zones videos and articles will help equip people with tools and information to invest in the world of crypto.  View the Crypto Training Zone


Crypto Private Suite

The Crypto Private Suite has been built to be one of the most compliant ISO-accredited Crypt Asset Service Providers in the world. 50 of the highest caliber, skilled consultants have been extensively trained to inspire, educate and transform the lives of people, not only in South Africa, but ultimately on a global scale. They provide the service and support that new or even long-time members require, for educated, smooth onboarding, and optimised membership benefits.

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